Composting. How it helps.

Food waste does not biodegrade well in the landfill. Why?

Modern Landfills are huge underground storage places where we store compacted garbage forever, so food waste is left to decompose without any oxygen. By taking away the oxygen, food waste will produce methane (CH4), a greenhouse gas that is much more harmful to the planet than CO2.

When you compost your own food waste, you eliminate those emissions. Plus, at the end of the composting process, you have free plant food! It’s the best plant food out there!

There are so many ways to compost.

We’ve been composting since living in our apartment. We bought a little bucket to put our food waste in, and then a rubbermaid tote out on our balcony. We would dump our scraps, and turn it every few days! Now, we still have our kitchen bin, but now we dump the bin into our composter in our backyard.

But you can use anything, as long as you turn your compost each time you dump!

If you live in a town or city, look for farmers markets or community drop offs where you can take your waste (you can always freeze it so it doesn’t start to smell!). Some cities also offer a pick up for this!

Whatever you decide, you are making a massive impact by composting your food waste, instead of throwing it out!

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