Ingredient Feature; Oats

Oats are the perfect, no nonsense grain that we love! Read todays ingredient feature to find out why we proudly use oats in our snaks.

1. locally sourced organic oats

We get our organic oats right here in New Brunswick at The Speerville Flour Mill!

Fun fact: Did you know that Canada produces the most oats in the entire world? According to Wikipedia, in 2020, Canada produced 4.6 millions of tonnes of oats.

2. gluten free

Pure oats are a whole grain that is gluten free making it a perfect, no nonsense choice for everyone to enjoy!

Although some oats are considered unsafe for people with celiac (and other gluten-free diets), we choose, pure oats which are considered safe for such diets.

3. sustainability

We choose sustainability, and oats are definitely a perfect choice when looking for sustainable produce.

  1. They are organic, non-gmo
  2. They have the lowest environmental impact of all the non-dairy alternatives
  3. They don't use a ton of water to produce
  4. They can be used in multiple ways (whole oat, oat flour, oat milk)
  5. They don't harm animals, they are plant based/ vegan (in fact, our furry friends love oats too!)

4. health benefits

Oats are high in fiber and other nutrients, making it a rich wholesome choice food

  • They are a very good source of fiber, especially beta glucan, and are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Whole oats are the only food source of avenanthramides, a unique group of antioxidants believed to protect against heart disease.
  • Oats are rich in protein
  • Being high in fiber and protein, means you will be and feel fuller longer

Where can you find oats in our products?

You can find oats in our Chocolate bites. and Power Bars.