Keeping it Cool This Summer

It's true, you find us in the fridge, but what do you do when you're out and about and need a snak? Here's some helpful tips to keep your peanut butter cups. cool this summer!

Our smooth, creamy peanut butter cups. are so delicious, who wouldn't want to carry them around everywhere you go?

Here's some helpful tips to avoiding your cups from melting this summer.

Keep your PB cups. out of the sun

Our pb cups. melt easily with the heat, remember if you are bringing it out, keep it in a shady spot o

Avoid leaving it in the car

We know how things can "cook" being left in the hot car in the summer! Avoid leaving your PB cups. in the car.

Keep your PB cups. in the freezer until you go to delay melting

Pop them in the freezer the night before to help delay the melting process.

Keep your PB cups. in a cooler with ice packs

Bringing a cooler for drinks? Put your PB cups in there too to help keep them icy fresh!

Eat your PB cups. first!

Getting warm? Just eat your PB cup before it melts! Simple.

What you can do if they melt!

Our peanut butter cups are not "bad" or spoiled if they melt!

Pop them back into the freezer or fridge

They might look a little funny, but they are still that delicious chocolatey peanut butter goodness! Enjoy once they harden up again.

Melted cups. make a tasty peanut butter chocolate sauce!

  1. put your melted peanut butter cup in a bowl
  2. mix with a table spoon (adjust to taste) of your choice of milk!
  3. pour over waffles, ice cream or whatever you want!

Cool your PB cup and use it in recipes

Add your melted peanut butter cup. to smoothies, coffee/ ice coffee, mix and freeze for popsicles, etc.! Have fun with it!

Check out our other blog posts for recipes!

Stay tuned for our next blog about different ways to use your melted peanut butter cup.!

Keep all snak. products refrigerated. Products can be left out for 48 hours and not go bad.

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