It's hip to be square!

You might notice something new about our bites. Don't worry you're not going "round" the bend...

We’ve been busy these last few months!

Learning how to run a manufacturing business isn’t an easy feat, and we’ve definitely had our fair share of learning curves - rolling energy balls by hand is one of them!

This year is a massive growth year, and we’ve had to start thinking about volume and the ability to start growing our brand nationally, CANADA WIDE, yeehaw!

All out organic.

After many many months deciding on brand direction, strategy, store growth, and game plan, we’ve decided to embark on a super near-and-dear make snak. 100% organic! If you follow along on our journey as a team, you’ll know that we recently took on the renovation of our 1815-built 16 acre farm. We believe in walking the walk, which is exactly why we do what we do! 

Taking snak. into the realm of organic isn’t easy. There are SO many hoops to jump through, rules to follow, but most overwhelming… the major cost of goods increases. This means we’ve had to seriously consider labour, and start improving with technology, and better processes! Which is why we’ve gone square!

Same amazingly awesome taste - just a little less round.