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So many times through the day we get downtown workers coming into the store looking for a little snack to get them through the afternoon. Most people want something small and healthy.

We wanted to provide that for our clientele while also supporting a local business. People want a brand they can trust and ingredients they don’t have to worry about. When a product has a local touch, I find customers are more trusting that their values were considered in the making of these products.

People are surprised at how healthy, real food can taste so good. It’s satisfying to see people realize that healthy snacks can be just as satisfying, or more satisfying, than unhealthy, sugar filled snacks. I think people really feel empowered that they can make a healthy and delicious choice.

Erica Avatar
Sequoia, Fredericton

It was love at first bite!

Andrew Avatar
Urban Almanac, Fredericton

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