Snacking saves the day... no seriously!

It’s true, believe it or not we need our snacks- big time. Snacks are supposed to be mini-meals, things that keep you going until your next meal time.

It’s totally normal to have snacks in-between your meals.

They can actually help you from overeating during your meals (cause duh we are STARVING). So many of us wait too long to eat, which makes us over-consume when we actually get the chance. This is something I struggle with daily! Snacking can actually help!

Snacks need to have purpose then, right?

They need to be sustainable foods.. Because otherwise we will still end up hungry come meal time. There are 3 things to consider when choosing your snack foods:

Protein, Fats, and Fiber.

Choco bites in hand over a coffee • Snak

But, why?

Well, both fats and protein will help your blood sugar lower, and take quite a while for your body to break down, meaning you get to stay full… longer! Fibre isn’t digested by our bodies, but again takes a long time making their way through the body and letting the body absorb nutrients.

Here are some awesome combos for SNACKING, woo!

  • Fruit & nut butter
  • Veggies & hummas
  • Yogurt & fruit
  • Eggs & wholegrain toast

And let’s not forget our very own healthy snaks: