Apple snaks!

Here is a delicious fall snack that's fun, beautiful and delicious! The best part, it's only 3 simple steps!

This snack is customizable, easy for little ones to help make and can use any or all snak. products as toppers!

How to make

🍎 Slice and core apple
Hint! Use a rounded teaspoon to core apple slices

🍏 Spread your favorite toppings like cream cheese (dairy free or regular), thick yogurt peanut butter, jam, melted snak. PB cup.
Hint. Use a teaspoon worth of plant based milk to add to the pb cup to help melting

🍎 Add your favorite toppings! Chocolate chips, snak. bites. or power bars, broken up, a melted snak. pb cup (use a bit more milk to drizzle), raisins, granola, nuts, etc.

🍏 enjoy!